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Saughton Skatepark in Edinburgh is now complete and open to skate and ride at long last.

Since 2001 Edinburgh Council and the Edinburgh Skatepark Project group (ESP) comprising of local skaters and riders have been working towards a public outdoor concrete skatepark facility in the city centre. In December 2008 the council planning committee approved a planning application to build Saughton Skatepark in Saughton Park in the west of the capital. You can find out more about the skatepark design, the build which is now complete and what has gone into getting the project to this stage on this website...

The Skatepark Layout:

The layout for the Saughton Park site was developed by the skaters and riders in the ESP group in conjunction with architects Urban Design Futures and Dave Sowerby acting to produce the layout plans. The skatepark layout covers approximately 2100 square meters and features a mix of bowl and street features to cater for all skill levels.

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